Welcome to The Tradeswomen Directory

Our team at Moxie Trades built this site for many reasons and we are so excited about it.

Moxie had a directory ten years ago when I started the company because I wanted to swing hammers alongside my female colleagues and I was wondering where they were.  In the midst of raising a young family and a young company at the same time, our directory was lost (but not forgotten.)

In 2014, I was part of a panel volunteering for the Minister of Status of Women in Canada. It was clear to me that the economic prosperity of women should be an imperative. There are many reasons why supporting a woman also supports a community and I can send you a research paper on this… but it’s also just the right thing to do.

On January 21, 2017, I led the Women’s March Canadian Delegation to DC and assisted 34 marches across the country.  I was also part of the Global Team and I realized how much work there is to do.  The Women’s March Global Team worked on a program called the HERS model. Health, Economic Prosperity, Representation and Safety.  I loved this model and have decided to weave it into my business and personal life.  My heart and focus will be on Economic Prosperity.

In celebration of the six month anniversary of the Women’s March, we launch the TradeswomenDirectory.

Phase 1 is launching in North America and in English.  Our plans include rolling this out globally and in multiple languages.

If you are a woman in the trades, please enter your information and we will start connecting.

Stay tuned as we roll-out more features and build a powerful hub for women in the trades.


Thank you